Klangteppich. Festival for music of the Iranian diaspora

The festival took place on June 22–23 in the Salon am Moritzplatz in Berlin. It presented contemporary music creations by Berlin-based musicians from Iran in new artistic encounters. Persian instruments could be discovered in new sound environments, the voice was heard with storytelling and singing in several languages. The variety of remembered and anticipated sounds unfolded into a magnificent fabric that the musicians and listeners tied together.

Idea and concept: Franziska Buhre
Artistic director 2018: Ali Choolaei
Funded by Musicboard Berlin GmbH

You can listen to the wonderful mix of Farahnaz Hatam with music by the festival’s artists, historical recordings and contemporary electronic music from Iran here:

You can read the interview with Elshan Ghasimi and Renu Hossain about concepts of mastery and music-making in Iran and India here (in German):

Weibliche Meister: Ein Interview mit Elshan Ghasimi und RENU Hossain – von Elske Brault

Photos: Johanna Bock

Cymin Samawatie – vocals, piano

Hamid Saneiy – storytelling

Ali Choolaei – tar

Alireza Mehdizadeh – kamancheh, Renu Hossain – tabla

Elshan Ghasimi – tar, Neda Ahmadi – sandpainting

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSLZeZ_pHO0[/embedyt]

Pari San: Parissa Eskandari – vocals, Paul Brenning – beatboxing/synth

Ali Choolaei – tar, Valentina Bellanova – ney/recorder, Renu Hossain – tabla

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42Zge6LK9xo[/embedyt]

HATAM – electronics, Hani Mojtahedy – vocals

Jawad Salkhordeh – tonbak, Oliver Doerell – electronics

Design by Studio Katrahmani 

Golnar Katrahmani on her design:
“The Klangteppich-logo is inspired by the abstract geometric patterns of Iranian carpets. The lines and brick-like shapes represent the patterned instructions that people follow when weaving carpets.”