Panelist “50 years ECM records”

By invitation of Enjoy Jazz Festival three old white patriarchal “jazz critics” and me discussed the label’s history, before the concert of Carla Bley. As the only woman on the panel it was truly horrendous. Never again.

I’ve mined the catalogue of ECM records in advance.
Asking myself, how many female artists can be heard on the label.
ECM’s press office gave a total number of 1600 releases and a number of 49 female musicians, composers, singers on the label. I could identify 124 female artists, not all of them can be found in ECM’s own catalogue online.
These female artists can be heard on 252 albums, equal to 15,75 % of the catalogue.
Of that, 115 albums are with female jazz and improvising musicians, composers, singers.
Only 51 albums of these were released under her own names, that is 3,19 % of the catalogue.

“Editions of Contemporary Music”
Quite only one “direction in music and sound since 1969” don’t you think?